Depression/Bipolar Support Group
A group for individuals who cope with Depression and or Bipolar. Connecting with others who are dealing with the same emotions and life experiences can be a great source of comfort and strength. The groups are the fourth Tuesday of each month, 6:00 PM to 7:45 PM at 25 Liberty Street in Batavia.
Life Bridges Trauma Support Group
A support group for those who have experienced any trauma throughout their lives. Learn new coping techniques, and gain compassion and understanding in a fully supportive environment by others who have been there. Life Bridges support groups are held every third Thursday of each month, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM at 25 Liberty Street in Batavia.



Friends & Family


Survivors of Suicide

This group provides a safe environment for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. It can be powerful to connect with other survivors and be able to talk openly about suicide with people who truly understand. Call (585) 344-2611 for additional information.


AFSP Outreach to Survivors of Suicide Loss
(American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)

After a suicide those left behind often wonder if anyone out there really understands. For people who have recently lost someone to suicide, it is often helpful to meet and speak with another person who has experienced this kind of loss in the past. When two survivors of suicide loss meet, they often find that they share a common understanding of the kind of loneliness, pain, grief, anger, sadness, and guilt that can overwhelm survivors in the wake of a suicide. To help people who have recently experienced a loss, local trained survivors of suicide loss from our chapter are available upon request to visit and offer peer support to the newly bereaved.

  • Contact: Sarah Clark, AFSP Western New York Area Director
    P.O. Box 23041
    Rochester, NY 14692
    Phone: (585) 202-2783


Grief Share

Provides help and encouragement after the death of a loved one.
Contact Northgate Free Methodist Church: (585) 343-1044.


Family Consultation

Family members and loved ones of a person with mental illness often experience stress of their own. The MHA offers a free family consultation to family members or loved ones who want to talk or need information mental illness.


NAMI Supports


Family Support Group

The Mental Health Association recognizes that when a family member is diagnosed with a mental illness, families often wonder what they can do to help. The support of family, friends and peers remain an essential element in the recovery process. Taking time to voice your experiences and to hear from others may help you develop your inner reserves of strength. You may gain confidence in your ability to cope with your family member’s mental illness as well as how to access services.